Why?! (My first blogpost in english)

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This is me, ready to jump into something unknown (with a lot of typos and grammatical errors).
I have this challenge called LEGO365, which I did in 2016 and continued this year. There were so many topics and ideas I didn’t shoot in 2016.
Actually 2016 wasn’t my first time trying to do a LEGO365, I tried it a couple of years ago, but I stopped simply because I didn’t thought about planning my photos.
Making a plan is the key to finnish this challenge, well making a plan is the key to many things in life.

Why this blogpost in english?
There are so many things I want to say when I post some of my photos on Instagram.
For example: Why did I pick a certain theme for my LEGO365 or what is the meaning of a certain photo or why should my followers on Instagram visit my lovely city or/and my Country.

I don’t know how many will read this, but sometimes you just have to jump into things.

Why now? I have been blogging for almost 11 years – which is kind of insane, not all 11 years at this tiny spot of the interweb.
I had to try something new, making it a place where I can write stuff that would be hard to read on Instagram.

I will mark my blogpost in english with the category: “In english” – which makes it easier to avoid blogpost written in gibberish (better known as danish).

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